Bark briquettes


Bark briquettes are made of conifer (spruce, pine) bark – shredded, dried at high temperatures (above 700 ° C) and without any biding agents, additives or glue pressed under high pressure (more than 250 Bar) in rectangular briquettes.

Bark briquettes are a natural, renewable energy source with unique properties for maintaining warmth up to 14 hours.

What are the advantages to for heating with bark briquettes?

1. Combustion of bark briquettes is very slow. They can last up to 10-14 hours, and thereby can    keep the house warm for instance overnight;
2. Environmentally friendly renewable energy source, CO2-neutral fuel;
3. Bark briquettes do not require a special stove and therefore you can burn them easily with almost any furnace which has air supply regulation;
4. Bark briquettes stored in dry place can be kept for seasons. Bark briquettes are easy to store, so minimum storage space required.

Bark briquettes in comparison with to the wood briquettes have higher ash content: 3-4.00 %. This can also be an advantage, because sufficient minerals are in the ashes of the bark briquettes, which can be used as a natural fertilizer for garden.

How to use bark briquettes?

Even a modern, optimized furnace becomes cold, if it for some time it would not be reloaded with additional sawdust briquettes or firewood- for example at night.

By adding the bark briquette, you delay this process up to 10-14 hours, and thus obtain a long-lasting wood fire without reloading furnace, so it will be still warm for example the next morning, which why they are also known as overnight briquettes.

Heating with bark briquettes:

1) Put bark briquettes on the existing embers of sawdust briquettes or firewood in furnace.          

2) Let the bark briquettes burn well - until it embers starts to glows red –then reduce to minimum air   supply.

3) The bark briquettes embers will glow at low air supply up to 10 to 14 hours at high temperature combustion and best heat dissipation.  

Bark briquettes packing

Bark briquettes are packed in transparent plastic bags.

Pack weight: 12 (+/- 3%) Kg .

Upon request pack weight can be changed and customer labels added.

Bark briquettes specifications:

1. Moisture 7.5%

2. Calorific value:4600 Kcal / kg

3. Ash content: 3-4%.

Bark Briquette dimensions: 65 x 160 x 100 mm.

Bark briquettes delivery

Bark briquettes  are delivered by truck or sea container directly to customer ‘s warehouse on DAP , Incoterms 2010 terms.

Minimal order quantity for delivery of briquettes is 24 tonnes. We also offer combined cargoes from Wood briquettes and Bark Briquettes.

We deliver Bark briquettes to to Germany, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, France, Ireland and Slovakia.

Bark briquettes are delivered within a week after receipt of purchase order.

Bark briquettes price

Delivered bark briquettes price depends on transportation costs, so we will always calculate best price individually. To receive the price of bark briquettes, please use the online form:

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